Sunday, July 24, 2011

A lie exposed....A truth revealed!

God revealed a lie I had been believing and then set me free with the truth this weekend. He told me that I had been working to establish my righteousness but my righteousness has already been established and I really didn't need to work to establish it. It didn't make the impact it should have so he showed me this picture.

I saw a group of children playing along a river beside a large bridge (I couldn't even see the full expanse of the bridge at this point.) One of the little boys shouted "Hey let's build this bridge." So they all started carrying rocks over to one of the supports. Laughing and talking and playing as children do they brought stones and rocks, sticks and wood. But after a while the children began to move further on down the river continuing in their play. You could hear the sound of their fun but over by the support was one little girl. She continued to bring rocks and stones. Time passed and she continued to work. She would glance over her shoulder to where the other children were having so much fun from time to time as she worked diligently. The day wore on. As it became later in the day her father called to hers. She was tired and dirty. Her fingers raw and sore, her clothes ripped, tears in her eyes.

"Come on baby its time to go" he called to her. She shook her head.

"I can't go Daddy I have to build this bridge." She said in her trembling little voice.

He came closer. "Baby the bridge is already built come on." He said tenderly.

She shook her head. "Daddy no," she cried. "I have to build this bridge. Don't you understand how important it is? People will be hurt. Bad things will happen I have to stay and build this bridge." She began to sob because the task was clearly to great for her.

He picked her up and held her close and carried her a little ways down the river. "Look baby," She looked up and there was a bridge as large as the Golden Gate Bridge stretching across the expanse of a great river. "Look the bridge is already established, nothing you can do will build it, nothing you can do can tear it." Then God spoke clearly to me "Your righteousness is already established you do not need to earn it. It is broader than that bridge - it is stronger and wider and your efforts will only make you weary and worn out. Walk boldly in the righteousness I have already established for you. Stop working and come and be with me, come play by the river with me."

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